100 Days of Code: Day 15

Another quick post since I’m going to head to bed shortly. I did all the updates for Anime USA tonight. I think they’re starting to slow down since we’re so close to the con starting, but it’s been stressful. At least I enjoy what I do because if I didn’t I would have rage quit a long time ago.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with my con family and enjoying having some time away from Richmond. Found out today a friend of mine got a new job that she gets to start on Friday. I’m really happy for her and I’ll miss her greatly when she leaves. I wish I had her skills — she’s a really awesome person. But that’s what I’m going through FreeCodeCamp for — to get better at coding so I can have those skills.

Well I’m heading to bed. Work is really exhausting right now but I’m getting a ton of experience and learning a lot — especially with accessibility. There’s so much to learn there. I may devote a post just to what I’ve learn from that alone.

Anywho, I’m off to bed. Stay classy everyone and code on!