100 Days of Code: Day 38

First of all, I would like to say is this: heat sickness — I don’t recommend it.

Second, my interview went well. I won’t hear back from them for a while since I was the first person they interviewed and they have to hand all of their choices over to HR and have them perform the final culling. So I’ll probably get a response sometime in the next 3 weeks. It may actually be longer now that I think about it since they said they would be doing interviews for the next 2 weeks…so I probably won’t hear anything back for a month. But that’s local government for ya’ — they do things on their own time.

Third, I finally got my Twitch App connected to the TwitchAPI. It’s not looping through users yet since I wanted to make sure things were working correctly first.

It’s coming along well! Getting things hooked up and working. :)

As you can see I’m not looping through a list of users yet. If it’s not obvious, you can tell by noticing the same info is repeated for both the online and offline background colors. But that’s definitely coming up next! I think I’ll most likely set my loop up like I did for my second weather app: loop through each user and post their information. making sure they are displayed correctly with either an online or offline status and has the correct matching background color. (Dark blue for offline. Light Purple for online.)

But I’m pretty happy with this. Things are coming along smoothly. Had to look up how to set up checking for “null” areas using jQuery since I couldn’t remember if there was something weird I needed to do in order to make sure that worked correctly. So far it’s working for an online user — just have to check for an offline user next.

So that’s all for me dear readers. Stay classy, be awesome, and code on!