100 Days of Code: Day 38

Final Fantasy XV, Grand Tour, Thai food, and friends equals a great evening last night! So great I forgot to post for my 100 days of code. This is going to be a quick on since I just worked on my portfolio yesterday. I’ve actually been able to get some interviews in this week, so I figured I’d work on actually getting more of my work on my portfolio site.

Right now I have one project completed and linked and I’m working on the second one. It takes a while to get what you need together for a portfolio, especially when you want to do professional-like write-ups of each of your projects with detail on what you did and how you solved problems. Also, creating a showcase of images to display your work takes a bit of time too since you need to have high res images and templates that make sense. All in a day’s work I guess but definitely something to keep in when you get to this part of your portfolio.

Well I’m off to get food and find a way to mount a tv in my office. Yay! TV in my office! Then I can code in glorious 1080p! Yeah it’s not that glorious actually.

So my fellow readers, stay classy and code on!

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