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Shaming? You mean what YOU did the entire time? In fact if you’ll revert back to page 1, I specifically spoke about how I dislike shaming. Like, it’s literally about exactly that… 🙄 Sneak attacks? I feel I was very up-front with each and every supposed “attack” (AKA legitimate point) I launched. I don’t care anything about being “sneaky.” Maybe you were just ill prepared to be faced with someone who’s both knowledgeable and equipped with significant rebuttals to every word you said? Oh man, now this is a doosie … SIDEWAYS PROVOCATION. That is seriously rich. I believe I specifically pointed out that YOU were in fact the one who was passive-aggressive in your many attempts to belittle me throughout this discussion, while my “insults”, as you put them, were much more direct and obvious.

I feel like you might be misconstruing big words and lengthy sentences with an attempt to disorient/confuse you. Kind of like all the conservatives who hated Obama because of his “fancy talk.” When you’re unable to fully comprehend what someone is saying, it can seem like they’re being “sneaky” or “sideways”, when in reality it’s anything but. I’ll admit, I’m a gifted wordsmith, and I tend to run circles around most of my opponents, so don’t feel too bad.

I can assure you though that I am by nature a blunt realist, and as such I do not sugar coat anything. No point in beating around any bush. I trashed my kid gloves years ago; bare-knuckled and free is the best way to be. 👍🏼👌🏼👊🏼