Winter Sports: XC inclusion

Hi guys,

If you live in Germany, you’ll probably realize pretty soon that, during winter time, the TV

has all the lights on winter sports.

If you add to that blend, being engaged with a German girl, your TV will only broadcast winter sports. Doesn’t matter who is competing or which race/discipline is taking place (even if there is a reply), there is no discussion to switch the channel.

And at the end of the day, with a bunch of hours and million of questions about “how this is working”, digging deeper in the rules, going through the athletes profiles and still having disciplines that you don’t get at all, you enthusiastically watch it, follow the athletes in instagram and even look for the next race!

A note from my side: When I first arrived to Germany (I’m from Alicante!) and they told me about “winter tyres”, my first reaction was a deep and sincere “what’s that?”

Yet and in my case, I do skiing since I was 12 years old.
Nothing serious, I just like to slide down and have fun in the mountains. I have to admit that 1 full week of skiing is too much for me.

Nowadays and being a follower of Laura Dahlmeier and the German biatlhon team, the xc skiing was a must-to-try.

That said, we tried to do last year in Austria, but unfortunately the snow was not good

enough and we were more time walking than skating. (there are two ways to do so, classic or skating).
However, last Thursday we drove to Silberhütte and skate for around 10k, through a challenge (at least for beginners) loop of 4k.

The sensation was great! The sport is highly demanding and I found myself breathless in multiple times of the training. Also, having a poor technic makes you fight more than slide. And trust me, being an outstanding downhill skiing guy is not going to make you rock it the first time nor the second.

As we found it physically challenging and such a great way for being outdoors, we have decided to give a longer shot next Saturday.

Of course, we will stream later sky jumping, biathlon, skeleton or whatever winter sport is happening during our training practice. What else? :P

Have you ever try xc skiing? Take your endurance to the next level!

Dani Juan

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