Announcing Audiocamp 🎧⛺️

Danika Laszuk
Sep 4 · 4 min read
Who knew Jon Hamm was such a big fan of the future of audio? Listen to what he had to say about the launch of Audiocamp. (Thanks to our friends and masters of synthetic voice at Resemble.AI for scoring us this clip).
via Primer on GIPHY

What are we looking for?

What’s Camp?

No, a 6 year old didn’t draw the logo for Audiocamp. An algorithm did, with a little help from our friends at Cross & Freckle. This logo was generated by a variational autoencoder, trained on 114,762 human doodles of headphones.

Building the future of audio? Get in touch.

Keep up-to-date on all the action from Audiocamp over on twitter: @thebetacamp

Danika Laszuk

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General Manager, Betaworks Camp. Exploring how consumers interact with new technology.

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