Sorority Initiation, Riding The Train

A night at the guys frat house

Laura Knapke (Nap-Key)
4 min readJun 13, 2022


A black headed girl, wearing skimpy black lingerie on her knees on the bed, with her hands on the headboard.
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My mom wanted me to join the same sorority she did when she went to this college. Not wanting to disappoint her, I applied.

I was easily accepted, since she’d been a member herself in the past. I still must go through initiation before my acceptance is final. I’m sure my mom doesn’t know what I have to do for initiation. I can’t imagine her doing such a thing.

For my initiation, I must spend the night at the guys fraternity. My initiation is tomorrow. Nancy hands me a bag with a sexy black, leather outfit.

“Put this on,” said Nancy.

I put it on, there wasn’t much to it, a few leather straps that don’t cover any part of my body. I walk out of the bathroom wearing it. She hands me a long trench coat.

“Wear this coat. You need to get going, see you in the morning. Have fun!” said Nancy.

I put the coat on and head to the guys fraternity. I walked the dark streets wearing practically nothing. Not knowing exactly what lies in store when I get there has made me very nervous.

I walk up the steps, knock on the door. I’m greeted by a large group of guys. They pull me inside, taking the coat off me. They all start whopping and hollering, making cat calls.

I am escorted to a room. They immediately took off my leather outfit and tied me to the middle of the bed on all fours.

I couldn’t tell how many guys were in the room, but it was many. I had naked guys with hard dicks all around me. Being touched from all sides, I feel lube poured down my ass cheeks, and a hand rub the lube between my folds.

I had a hard cock shoved in my mouth, as another hard cock entered my pussy. As I was being fucked at both ends, my nipples were being sucked and my clit was being rubbed.

I had naked guys surrounding the bed, hard cocks in hand, waiting to fuck me. There was nothing I could do, so I enjoyed it, having several orgasm’s.

One of the guys stuck a butt plug in my ass, pushing it in and out of my tight hole. He shoved it in one last time. Taking a flogger, he whips my ass and the back of my thighs.



Laura Knapke (Nap-Key)

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