Chapter 1 — Blog Post

Journalism is always going to be a relevant field because news is always happening. The world changes every single day, and with those changes, journalists are needed to report them. The modes that journalists use will gradually change as society does.

People tend to think that the field of journalism will not always be necessary with the rise of social media, but the general public will always need a reliable source to get their news.

It is hard to come to terms with the fact that most media in circulation isn’t completely objective. Although there are “pure” news sources that can report only the facts of stories without adding opinion, most of the popular news sources have an angle, or a bias, whether or not the public can notice it.

A majority of news sources, whether or not they admit to it, is funded by someone, and that person wants their writers to reflect their own personal views.

In the recent election cycle, a lot of journalists have gotten negative backlash for allowing their candidate preference to cross over into their reporting. This can be obvious, like a promotional or persuasive article, but it has also been happening in so-called “objective” sources.

Writers often play it off indirectly, not necessarily stating their preference outright. The way a writer describes each candidate, even just by listing facts, can be one-sided. Too many positive attributes about one person and a lot of negative traits about the other is just one way this bias can occur.

Accuracy and fairness are key elements to ensure writing is without bias. All facts and stories must be accurate, and we must be fair to all parties involved. The world of news is supposed to bring the truth to the common people.

We must ensure that the information we are transmitting to the public is the right information. This means reporting a situation exactly as it happened. Exaggeration and fabrication have no place in news writing. People deserve to get the truth — especially if that is what they are expecting.

Journalism is, essentially, an endless cycle of fact-checking and writing.