I am Conscious. I am Day. I am Night.

I did not want to be born among all of this
In these middle that always judges me
In these middle that patterns me
In these middle that pushes values through my veins
In these middle that lock me in behaviors

Concrete everything is, blank, everything is blank
Bitter is the suffering, as cloudy days
Neutral sensation, referring to something cao’s that no longer reacts
A word is not endowed of any sense that appreciate me
Makes me want to go
To find that so promessed peace
Wich is just a delusion of characteristic of being

Do you know that solitary wolf?
Better with him, i identify
With himself, he finds himself
Create and reinvent his self notions
His freedom notions
And he knows his peace will always be inner

His power fascinates me
and his character
Transformation features, the wolf has
Makes to go out from bitter, the prosperity light
No matter how, no matter anyone
And always try to catch his sun place
To finally create his own world
Wich will never be in a place just

And let there be created his maturity empire
Preserve his mysteries
Empathize with the planet
Sweep his hell’s
To know how to deal with external adversities

And the searching for the everything’s answer
It will always be inside
Into himself, on the self.

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