Lost and happy at 30…

Do I? Don’t I? So many questions and not nearly enough answers.

I thought I would get to the the tender age of 30 and be well on my way. The path would be clear and I would be content knowing where I was headed. Apparently not.

I want to have my own business and do something ‘worthwhile’.

I want to buy a house with my fiancée.

I want to be fit healthy, wealthy and free.

I want, and so on…

All well and good all this ‘wanting’.

Up until recently all these things (which haven’t happened by the way) are what I thought I wanted. The problem is the they were making me unhappy for 2 reasons.

Firstly some were largely unattainable in the short and unrealistic timeframe I wanted them, making me consistently disappointed.

Secondly I miss all the joy because I’m focusing on what I don’t have. The small things that really matter I was missing. A beautiful morning, my fiancées smile, nature and interesting people and their stories to name but a few.

So, you can choose to love your life unless you genuinely have it bad (in which case get out) by appreciating what you have and enjoying the good in your day.


When you do lighten up and focus on what you feel like doing rather than what you think you should be doing some of the other stuff might fall into place.

So give yourself a break because if your not careful you might just….have some fun.

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