Let’s make the world a better place!
Let’s make the world a better place!
  1. Be Joyful and Radiant (smiles really are contagious)

Don’t you think if we all practice even one of these principles, the world will be a better place?

Originally published at https://www.facebook.com/notes/danilo-stern-sapad/my-7-rules-for-living/10151925227189165 on
October 15, 2013. Last updated June 30, 2020.

Step 1: Stop reading this and do what you need to do!

If you’re still reading this stop! Seriously, quit wasting your time with blogs and other distractions and just get to work. Focus, focus, focus. Productivity books, articles, audiobooks, manifestos, etc. are all major timesinks (i.e. significant wastes of time). I wouldn’t even know what that term meant if I took my own advice!

The only real secret to getting things done is to get to work.

Goodbye and good luck.

PS: If you insist on wasting your time or simply feel this article is lacking (it’s not) read my incomplete blog entry entitled, “Time management is a waste of time!

Originally published at http://danilo.ariadoss.com on August 17, 2009.

Danilo Stern-Sapad

Entrepreneur, Technologist & Product Guy

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