As we march up on the stage to receive our degrees, certain preparations are made in order to make us ready to face the world unveiling before us. One of it is through spiritual retreat. Every year, we were able to attend this kind of spiritual activities such as recollections but, this year is far more exciting because all of us will be going to Tagaytay to stay for 3 days and 2 nights which is from August 15 to 17, 2016.

It was a gloomy afternoon when we arrived at the Santa Luisa Retreat House. The DC sisters prepared a very inviting place for us to dwell in and reconnect with the Lord. We are given an ample amount of time to conduct our sessions and have some relaxation. The gardens within the vicinity were pleasing. The silence and the ambiance made it easier for us to reflect and unwind. During the session, the facilitator divided us into groups which are composed of different courses and major. We were able to share our thoughts and knowledge with one another through the activities that was given to us. Some of us showcased our creativity through the illustrations and some of us as well shared our God given talents through the presentations which can be through acting, dancing and singing. The silence then was turned with laughter as we present. The silence would then return as we close our eyes for some reflection. Every after session, sumptuous food would be served for us which are for some, the highlight of our stay in the retreat. To sum up all the activities, we had a confessions and a holy mass was celebrated during the last day, after which, we are given enough time to wander around the Santa Luisa Retreat House. We were able to take pictures and bond around with our friends as we walk along the gardens of the retreat house.

The 3 days and 2 nights stay had become a memory that will stay with me forever. We were able to reconnect with the Lord, had some bond with my friends and some time to reflect on all the values that I had learned in Santa Isabel College and how am I going to apply it sooner when I’m already at the corporate world. All of us would be pursuing different careers and attain higher degrees. Some of us would put up a business, achieve a ‘CPA’ title at the end of our names and share our knowledge for the profitability of a firm. But these differences would not matter anyway because we are bound together with Isabelan values which we are going to take with us as we march up on the stage to receive our rightful degrees.

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