Virtual Reality Box Version 2

The current lineups of Virtual Reality products run the gamut in terms of price and accessibility. You can get your feet wet with VR Glasses/Headsets offered in the market today. These VR Glasses are very inexpensive, roughly P400 — P5,000. It uses easy to obtain components like cardboard, biconvex lenses, a couple of magnets, Velcro, and a rubber band. Instead of a built-in display, this product is powered by any Android phone running 4.1 or higher just slide your phone into the headset.

The phone powers the entire experience with applications found in Virtual Reality Headset. There are no external wires or clunky hardware to deal with, just the VR Headset case and your Android phone. At Primacy we recently built one to test out in house — the entire build took about 5 minutes from start to finish.

The emergence of panoramic video and photo is making it easy to teleport viewers to places they could never physically be. Imagine a front row seat to watch your favorite band play live or your most awaited movie with the freedom to look in any direction in real time. Imagine sitting in a conference room half way around the world and interacting with others as if you were really there. These are just a few of the amazing applications that VR devices enable.

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