A+ Entrepreneurs

Imagine what it would be like to work on a 180,000 year-old computer? Say hello to your brain. We’re running on outdated hardware. Luckily for us with effort that hardware can be updated and produce lasting results.

Focusing on improving your operating system, is building the foundation for your life’s output, the tree trunk of your existence. Without a strong foundation, excellence in anything is a struggle.

Taking time to invest in yourself is more important than the non stop flow of completing tasks. The greatest entrepreneurs that I know, are constantly updating their operating systems.

Software has no emotion. Software doesn’t have a bad evening with his wife and bring it work. Software doesn’t lower output when growth is stagnant. Software makes decision based on logic. Software executes tasks all day long. Software shows up. “Software is Better Than People.”

The difference between success and failure for the thousand of entrepreneurs isn’t in the lack of intelligence, but in lack of execution. We all have the access to Paul Graham’s essays and read PMARCA’s Guide To Startups but not all of us are consistent with executing the little details.

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