This article has the objective to share how we connect Libelium Meshlium gateway and his devices, called Waspmote, with Azure IoT Hub.

Libelium is a Spanish vendor specialized in providing professional Internet of Things (IoT) kits, ready for deployment, to different sectors, from e-health to smart cities. In their website has good use cases of how to explore each kit and how other companies scale their IOT applications using their technology. The most interesting thing about it it's their technology based on mesh network that enables applications with reach sensor range up to 7 Km from the gateway, which fits even in restricted conditions, of a farm, or isolated industries, such as mining, for example.

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Smart Agriculture project for Organic Farms in UK

The Meshlium gateway is capable to deliver sensor events to dozens of cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, and, for our case, Azure. …

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