Vote for Hillary? Yeah, right! No seriously, yes, right.

A childhood friend shared this image on Facebook, a few days after sharing a Hillary for Prison 2016 bumper sticker. I should say a female childhood friend.

When I asked her why the bumper sticker, her husband jumped in immediately, even before she did, and said because Hillary is a piece of crap. Eventually my friend said she wasn’t gonna vote for Hillary just because she’s a woman. Neither of the two ever gave any more justification than the “piece of crap” statement.

I let it drop, but now there’s this pic, which I feel somewhat responsible for. And so I responded to this childhood friend from my small hometown, who has a daughter herself.

This is a silly statement and here is where you are wrong to share it.

You should be considering voting for Hillary because YOU’RE a woman. Here’s why.

When you were growing up, did you ever dream, or even think about being president one day? Did your mom? Does your daughter?

If you did, why? It would be pointless, because the current state of the United States is over half its population- the half who hasn’t even been allowed to vote for a century yet- isn’t allowed. They’ve never even been allowed to be close, other than this one time. That opportunity may not ever come back up again, who knows what the future brings?

If you did not, well that makes sense, because you were taught, and your mom was taught, and your daughter has been taught, to not dream that high because it ain’t gonna happen. A woman cannot be president. Look what happens when one of you even tries. She’s attacked years before she even announces it. Look what happened when a Republican woman tried to run. The front runner attacked her looks. Who would vote for her with a face like that, amIrite?

No, if you’re a woman and dreaming about being president, find another hobby, sweetheart. Cooking and sewing sounds good. Maybe teaching, where we can underfund, underpay, and undervalue you. But definitely not a man’s job like president. It was only just 8 years ago that we had to change that from a white man’s job.

Does that not hurt, even a little? Does that not make you feel bad for your daughter, that there is a limit to what she can be? Do you not want to change that, for her sake?

The *only* way this changes is if that glass ceiling is shattered. The ONLY way. Right now, African Americans (boys only of course, let’s not get crazy) can actually credibly dream that dream. Latinos can’t, not yet. Maybe not ever, we’ll see. But even Ted and Marco have a credible chance right now. Your daughter has zero.

Unless you do the right thing. Or at least think about it.

It shouldn’t even be a big deal to cross that aisle if you’re conservative. To many democrats, she’s in the center, basically a conservative democrat, like most southern democrats are.

Your alternative this year is going to be complete anarchy, and a certain impeachment and removal of a sitting president (Trump would never do the right thing like Nixon and step down). Does that seem at all responsible to you?

It’s long past time we give a woman a chance to run the country, if not to give someone different a shot, then to give all those girls coming up behind her a reason to dream big and mean it.

Hell, even Reagan’s biggest ally was an Iron Lady.

I honestly don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, challenging her beliefs, which seem to have no basis on anything other than we grew up in Mississippi. I don’t know if my reasoning is right, either.

Should a person vote for Hillary to break that glass ceiling and open the floodgates for everyone else? I believe so.

I don’t see another woman steeling herself to run that misogynist gauntlet yet, so I believe that while we have this moment, this candidate who really is likable enough, certainly tested enough, and yes, definitely capable enough, we should take it.

America, don’t make another woman have to start from scratch. Because as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, until one breaks through that ceiling, we’ll do it.

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