Then there’s just all the douche moves Apple has made again and again with proprietary connections — their decision to remove the headphone jack on the forthcoming new iPhone being the latest.
The Apple-Google shift
Elliot Jay Stocks

While there are some kernels of truth to what you said, most of your post is extremely subjective and simply doesn’t align with any other users’ experiences I’ve heard. We clearly travel in very different circles I guess. But as a software engineer in general, and iOS engineer in particular, I can unequivocally say you’re wrong on the innovation argument.

Apple rarely innovates in public. Google always does. That’s the difference between the two companies on innovation. Neither approach seems significantly more valid than the other, it’s just an extension of both company’s philosophy.

But your statement I highlighted above is just absurd.

What propriety connectors are you talking about? ADB? That was around for decades, and those peripherals still work with an adapter. Blogger/podcast er John Gruber famously still uses his old pre-Jobs return Apple keyboard on his current iMac. That connector hung around until something better came along, USB. USB is proprietary?

Or maybe you mean the 30 pin connector on iPods, iPhones, etc. that hung around over a decade before something significantly better, faster, flexible, and secure replaced it.

The headphone jack is incredibly old at this point, and the real future of personal audio is wireless anyway. I take umbrage at your assessment that it’s somehow douchy to hang on to a decades-old standard that features wires that magically tie themselves into knots, when they aren’t snagging and being yanked loudly out of my ears or off my head.

If you want to sample the other side, that’s fine. But don’t invent reasons to do so and flaunt them publicly when everybody knows differently.

Someone so prominent in our industry should know better.

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