Boston Zebrafish Meeting — October 2017

danio lab
danio lab
Oct 27, 2017 · 2 min read

The Boston members of the Zebrafish Husbandry Association (ZHA) had a chance to get together recently at Harvard Medical School for a couple hours of coffee, discussions and presentations from our local users. Presentations included three facility reviews relating to nutrition and environment, a study on the Effects of Diet and Housing Proximity, as well as a recap from the NIH ORIP Zebrafish meeting on reproducibility back in September.

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Lauren Krug — Harvard University

Dante D’India started off with a presenation and recap from the recent NIH ORIP meeting, asking how we can better define our protocols, which segued the conversation into presentations from local institutions. Each institution gave a short synopsis on nutrition and environmental monitoring in their laboratories. While the overall methods were similar, and each defined in their own right, their minor differences illustrated the need for better definition across a broad spectrum of information. This lead to the question of how we could produce a template to help improve reproducibility in this regard.

The ZHA’s annual Facility Questionaire to compare husbandry information from around the world is here:

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Amy Kolb — Boston Children’s Hospital

Amy Kolb has been studying Effects of Diet and Housing Proximity on Zebrafish Reproduction and Progeny Developent at Boston Children’s Hospital. She made some great correlations, some of which are counter-intuitive to known marine feed methods, relating to Zebrafish growth and egg production. We look forward to reading more about this soon.

A special thank you to Dante D’India for leading the meeting, Amy Kolb for sharing her recent work and our local facility presenters: Lauren K, Alex C, Eva B, Tom P, Derek W and Leah D.

For more information on the Zebrafish Husbandry Association, visit their website here:

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