InvestFeed creates a smart social network in blockchain technology

We know many positive things that we can see in the development of technology blockchain is no exception ethereum platform underlying the formation of initial coin offering or commonly called ICO.

The formation of ICO is to raise funds or crowds / crowds in the perspective of a project that applies a goal for the achievement of mutual benefits. Taking opportunities in existing opportunities requires much information from anywhere.

Many obstacles in any newbie or newcomer in the world of cryptocurrency. Not everyone is happy to share information. Sometimes we find difficulty in finding information either in time, place or facility. The amount of information that clutter provides a constraint that causes us not even on the initial goal of looking for the information we need. We just get lost to other information that does not even have a relationship to the beginning of our goal.


Apart from all these problems InvestFeed ico.investfeed comes here to address all these issues by bringing data sources in a special place, Investfeed wants to create a smarter social network for the Crypto community and traditional financial markets as a single door for the entire Information around us.

InvestFeed has actually been applied in the past few years and has more than 15,000 members and 200,000 live feeds since it was first launched.

InvestFeed’s primary goal is to close the gap between the traditional market and crypto market by providing live feeds for both platforms in one place. Any crypto trader or investor is likely to invest in both markets in many cases. Investfeed wants to provide solutions for traders to easily access the exchange. Investfeed will be a major center for social Cryptocurrency, market data, public sentiment, up-to-date news, information on existing projects, trends or integrated asset portfolio management and sharing capabilities.

The InvestFeed platform would like to introduce a new token called “FEED (IFT)” token for the use of its platform such as rewarding content providers and professional merchants to share their trading activities with communities and more.

Crowdsale will start on July 23, 2017 and will end on August 7, 2017.
Most likely the total token supply will be 355 million IFT
Funds needed = 28000 Ethererum
For initial investors up to 18000 ETH discounts are offered
After that 1 ETH = 10,000 IFT

One of the main advantages of contributors or investors in InvestFeed’s contribution is the Escrow service to raise funds. This is very important and necessary to protect investors from excessive or unnecessary spending. If the amount is not reached within the time period then the remaining funds at Escrow will be fully refunded to the investor or contributor.

To participate in token sales, the necessary things are:
The address of Ethereum is an ERC20 compatible wallet (such as Party, Mist, MetaMask and MyEtherWallet). FEED tokens can be sent sent to this address. This project never disclose your email to third parties.
For details please just join directly at or can also see their whitepaper details at

Okeh ??
Who wants to invest ya invest bounty that is also available on his website. Before is too late to get the benefits as big as possible.Be take advantage of opportunities while there and not many ico programs that are as good as this in the system of sharing shares. Such info from InvestFeed, hopefully useful


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