Inle lake, Shan state, Myanmar

Today we have planned to take a boat tour with Beto around Inle lake. Weather wasn’t on our side. During the night constant rain and thunderstorms poured at the city. The sound of the thunderstorms was so loud that it occasionally woke us up from our sleep. Merel and I finally decided not to take the boat. In the other hand Beto decided to take the risk and for that he was rewarded with a bright afternoon sun.

As we saw the sun emerge from the clouds from our hotel we decided to take this chance to explore other parts of Inle lake. We rented some bikes and cycled around the lake. Our destination was the only vineyard of Myanmar and one of the only ones in southeast Asia. These vineyards are located in a stunning setting. Inle lake is surrounded by some hills and part of these are used for wine grapes.

A small bike hike would be enough to arrive to the vineyard main office. From here you could enjoy a great view of the lake while you are handed in four kind of wines. We drank slowly each wine from the wine testing set. I cannot find a soft manner to say y opinion about the wines… they all sucked big time. They all had a tint of vinegar taste and an acidic feeling. I’m no expert but at least I do know when a wine is not good. I suppose they still need more time to mature and form a good taste. I think whoever had this idea should be applauded, as for our surprise it may one of the only vineyards in Southeast Asia.

Once we returned I took the bike for a longer time and explored the surrounding of our town. I saw the kids finish school as bikes with kids began to invade the paths. I saw a lost town where nobody went to and decided to head to it. Walking around alone into the small town felt very peaceful and I loved to feel the isolation just hundred meters away of the main path. Some kids were playing beside their home and I joined to play with them. Ultra good feeling to play with the boys. The parents seem to laugh as I played with them. Really and adorable moment for me.

After a pleasant day we had our last dinner with I Beto and watched the sunset together from a small BBQ bar. It’s been a hell of a trip and after a minute separated we already missed you. We hope you the best for your trip and hope to share these moments again with you as soon as possible! Hasta la vista guey!