Yangon, Yangon region, Myanmar

Ohh Lord! We needed this. We are back in Yangon, our favorite city in this country. we did a great decision by choosing to take an apartment in the city using Airbnb. We felt as having a normal life for some days in Yangon.

We cooked, watched TV, checked old series with acceptable Internet and drunk lots of wine. We literally did not move more than 100 meters from our house. We needed this to recharge energy.

It still feel ashamed that we dished Beto. He was in town and we talked about meeting in the center or even in our new house. We didn’t meet due to our low tempo temporary lifestyle. Sorry for that, but quite frankly even Merel and I didn’t speak too much to each other. We needed this disconnection for some days. The apartment and the views is all what we needed.