Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It’s time to say bye bye to Myanmar. This country has been the most different of all so far. I find it hard to consider it inside culturally part of Southeast Asia. This country reminded us of India, but a softer version of it. This country may not have the wow effect other countries have had, but it did give us a constant warm feeling. The biggest pro is the Myanmar people: always kind, smile and pure. I challenge to find somebody who suffered a scam from some local in Myanmar. A true lesson of the power of smile.

These trip in Myanmar has been special especially thanks to two men. Beto and Ole, Ole and Beto have made our trip in this country. We explored, shared, debated, learnt, drove, felt as colonialists and most important laughed big time together. Many thanks, best wishes for your voyage and for when you return to home, namaste.

We say bye bye, but we are not sad. We are going to Philippines! We are full of joy and energy for our 5 week holiday in this beautiful country. We’ve been thinking about this country with high expectation. We haven’t seen the sea for a month. It’s going to be marvelous!

Due to economic ticket purchase before arriving to Philippines we had to do a 8 over stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This gave us a slightly chance to explore the Malaysian capital. After Myanmar striping into modern Kuala Lumpur was a giant step for us. We seemed as countryman getting into the bliss of modernity. Our eyes were constantly staring and our mouth was wide open once we stepped in the monorail. Skyscrapers, clean streets, organized traffic, hygiene standards, no spitting on the floor, western food everywhere and a urban planning is visible… these are only one of the only things that impressed us. It felt as visiting New York.

We headed to the Petronas towers. Some years ago they were the highest in the world. As our time was limited and wanted to avoid loosing this plane we only had a snack and some beers beside the towers. From the monorail we watched the city and then said bye bye to modernity.

We knew that we would arrive to Cebu in a broken state. The flight plan was to take the following: Yangon-Kuala Lumpur-8 hour stop-Manila-Cebu. The last flight departed at 04:00 AM. Due to a two hour delay in the flight KL-Manila we were obliged to run through the airport for an unsuccessful attempt to reach our flight. We needed to buy a new ticket and wait until 06:00 AM. Upon arrival more or less at 07:30 AM get a taxi that took an extra hour because of heavy traffic. We are devastated!