Satonda Island, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Anchors aweigh!

We are in constant movement in our new pirate boat. We heard several rumours that these boats could be a disaster concerning safety, boats in bad conditions and with no rescue material. Our tour wasn’t the recommended tour, we decided to give it a try. Basically we took a leap of faith.

The boat is kind of trustworthy (Even if it’s always slightly tilted to the right), food is really amazing, crew smiles and the beds are acceptable (The same mattress used for Yoga or Pilates). I’m pretty easy to please :)

The captain briefed us before departure. The trip would be done in several stops. The longer voyages would be mainly during the night. One of these steps would take 16 hours. This would be the moment we wouldn't see any land, only the sea and us. I've never navigated for so long in my life.

The boat began to shift up, down, left and right with intensity. At 18:00 everybody were already in bed trying to sleep off the sea sickness, even our beloved Helen and Merel. All except two persons, non ordinary sailor-men: da pirates. Manu and me took another approach for the seasickness: rum, the real pirate drink. Our idea worked out! We sat on front of the boat legs outboard with our parrot, sword and our distinguished pirate eye patch challenging and mocking the gods of the sea, at least that's how we pictured it in our minds.

A beautiful aspect of the open sea is that during the night there are some small fluorescent creatures that illuminate with movement: plankton. When the boat drifted into the sea the splashed water would hit our legs violently. The result would be that small shinny pieces of plankton would float off from our legs in a very slow manner. Jesus! this was a beautiful scenery! As I wanted to enjoy the moment I did not record the event (I suspect my camera wouldn't of survived), but here you have a video of a similar effect:

On each wave I would scream “yeeeeeha!” and every several minutes I thought to myself I wanted to buy a cowboy hat and “ride” the boat. Of course a pirate-cowboy makes sense… but I love that idea!

When the rum was finished and the rum effect began to let go we realised that our activity in the front of the boat with our legs off-board, big waves smashing the bow of the boat and the vast dark ocean upon us made us be a bit conscious of the danger. We stopped and after headed up to sleep in our beds. We slept happily ever after!

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