Bangkok, Central Thailand

In our last day in Bangkok we decided to take it slow. Merel and me discussed about the idea of buying a camera, a high quality camera. After some hesitations we finally bought the camera Merel had chosen after some research, the Fujifilm X-10. For us this name is a bit cold so we called it “Camy”. This is our new beloved and we will take care of it as our new baby. We are stupidly happy as we have a new toy which is crucial for our long trip. We hope to learn enough to become a great photographer such as Robert Capa; I just hope I never end up in middle of a war.

Other news is that we leave Bangkok and head towards Koh tao. Ohhh! We both felt it was time to leave the dirty and messy city and substitute it by a paradisaical island. What a life… so many hard decisions to make…