Koh tao, Surat Thani, Thailand

Wow! I have no idea what this island has, it magnetises me so much. It’s so beautiful in so many ways. We both have really really enjoyed it.

In my opinion this island has a perfect balance of entertainment, lovely beaches, hills and green nature. It is true that we were during low season so the island was not so full. It seems that November is the monsoon season in this region, ups! a small mistake I could of taken into consideration. There are pros and cons.

Pro: Calm and smooth vibe around the island.

Cons: the difficulty to find a group of people to access good dive sites, hard to find a proper party and of course not the idle weather.

Even so, Merel and me could swim in the beach and enjoy the softness of the sand, God! This is the softness sand I’ve ever touched up to now in my life. Just grabbing sand was a pleasure in itself.

After some long research visiting several dive schools I could find exactly the dive sites I wanted: Chumphon and HTMS Sattakut (Wreck Dive). My biggest wish was to see a whale shark. Chumphon had the highest probability for this, but to be sincere I didn’t have too much hope. November is not known for a good moment to see whale sharks, but you never know! Of course, I did not see any whale shark. Even so I saw a lot of cool stuff such as several giant gruppers. Here you have an image of both fishes: first the giant grouper and after the whale shark.

Due to the monsoon currents there wasn’t a perfect visibility. The best thing I could do was to lay down and enjoy what I could see and so I did.

Afterwards we went to the wreck site. The story about this boat is that it was used in WWII by the US, sold to the Thai marine, abandoned and sold to a petrol company that finally sank it to create this wreck site. Before going down we were alerted that maybe the visibility wasn’t the best as the wreck was on a muddy location. I thought that I wouldn’t have the perfect conditions but I did not expect what I saw. Luckily I could see 1,5 metres ahead of me. Getting lost was easy if you didn’t pay attention. I kind of liked it just for the fact of diving in such hazardous conditions. The coolest moment was when we entered in the captain cabin and when we checked the canon, some parts of the canon could still be manipulated. I’m beginning to like diving! Even under crap conditions hahaha.

Night live in the island is also cool. The best night out was on Sunset bar. We discovered the famous buckets. We all had plenty and shared them with two new friends, Raquel and Alberto. In this island it seems that everybody is from Barcelona or lives there, kind of strange. As told by other travelers we always checked if they inserted alcohol in the buckets as sometimes they simply don’t put anything, people tend to get so wasted that they won’t notice. Check, they pt alcohol from a bottle but what the heck was that! Was that rum? What brand is that? Just close your eyes and drink it all! A fire show was displayed in front of us. Pretty impressive fire show I have to note. When it was finished they made a fire limbo so everybody could play around. It’s basically a normal limbo, but the limbo bar is on fire. Whoever has seen me in a party with a limbo will know that I like it and that I have some skills with it. After my third successful attempt Merel freaked out a bit and didn’t let me try again. I think this was wise as after a while alcohol’s effect was beginning to kick. Thank you! It all seemed as an american pie party, Alberto and me ended up jumping from the trampoline to the swimming pool doing a pathetic choreography.

After some days we realized that we hadn’t checked the whole island. We rented a scooter and drove even if some rain scattered around. If you read any guidebook they alert about the road conditions in this island. We can confirm this, they are steep and dangerous. Fear made the trip a bit more exciting. Fortunately there are no accidents stories to tell. There were no problems to highlight but we both have to admit there were some moments we had to bite our teeth. Thanks to overcoming our fear we ended up having some perfect views while having breakfast. The views seemed as taken from any book from Mr.Tolkien.

This island is magical and even with the stormy and rainy conditions it still magnetized us. Bye bye Koh tao, we will certainly miss you!

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