Ko Phi Phi Don, Krabi, Thailand

Here we are! We crossed to the western side of the gulf of Thailand. This island is famous for several things. Beautiful landscapes, crazy parties, gorgeous beaches and unfortunately for the tragic tsunami of 2004.

We have arrived with some expectations, one of them is the weather. Yes! The sun welcomed us in our new destination. We arrived kind of late so we could only enjoy the night. After a while we met Alfonso and Laura, a couple that are also in a grand voyage. Rum and beer began magically to vanish rapidly from our glasses. RCE music was turned on and their fire show was lighted up. It seemed as if each beach bar had their own fire show.

The fire show has it’s pros and cons.

Pros: The show put in front of you is truly amazing. The performance has some complex tricks and honestly it’s interesting to watch.

Cons: As they play with fire you can easily end up mesmerized with the fire. You may remain starring the fire for a couple of hours and your night out is already flown away.

Even so, let’s follow the flow of the drinks. Yeeeeeha!