Ko Phi Phi Don, Krabi, Thailand

We woke up with some energy and we decided to do something active. Kayaking around the island to discover hidden beaches seems as a great idea. Merel and me took a kayak and rowed towards paradisiac beaches. First stop would be monkey beach and after to a beach with an unknown name, the second was an authentic marvel.

Merel and me took off and we kayaked several hours. What a views on the kayak and what a laughs/tension with the ocean waves. Monkey beach was full of other kayaks and boats which had the same idea. It was simply 20 minutes of kayaking from the main beach, so it’s understandable. Even with the lord of tourists around us the beach is super nice. We did not see any monkeys at the beach, but when we left we saw several people being attacked by the monkeys. The monkeys were pretty interested in their bags. I suppose the monkeys get experience after some time and know which is the best target.

We headed for a second location which seemed promising. This place was a bitfurther on, 40 minutes more. For two non-kayakers the route could be challenging, but we both really enjoyed some exercise after so much drinking and relaxing. Detox was needed. On arrival we realized that the effort was more than worth it. The beach was almost desert and the 8 people we saw had the same surprised face as us. This location seemed surreal!

After the exercise we both began to feel the hangover. Buckets are not cool… The older you get the wiser you get. If you apply this to alcohol you never learn, or don’t want to learn. We knew that the alcohol they use is really bad quality, but my God… this is tough. Drifting around with our hangover we stumbled into Jan; a Dutch acquaintance we met last night during our long night. He was still kind of partying. It seemed he hadn’t slept too much, or at all, and was again up for it. We overheard his dumb idea and decided to check it out.

He was going to fight muay thai in the reggae bar. Anybody would imagine the bar to play reggae and have a relaxed vibe. Instead the bar played Thai music and had a fighting ring in middle of the bar. Their show consists of a fighting ring where two opponents fight muay thai style. The ring has a referee, panel girl and muay thai music played during the battle. The opponents were motivated by a gift if they dared to fight: a golden medal and a free buckets of alcohol… this can only happen in Thailand. The fights were exclusively between tourists. I really recommend the show as its really funny to watch. Especially if you have a hangover as us at that moment… To make things worse he decided to fight with no protection gear, which is always provided. The battle began and the public roared. After two minutes an accurate punch in his face left him officially KO. He tried to stand up unsuccessfully. His face was creepy as his mind was in a different place. I suppose that fighting with almost no sleep, half drunk and who knows what else is not the best idea somebody could have. We couldn’t be more careless… we had a silly entertainment for our slow dry brains.

After other combatants stories I decided not to volunteer. I’m glad I did not do it. Almost all fighters we saw that night ended up in the clinic with small injuries.

At Ko Phi Phi Don you can see several people with injuries. Alcohol, crazy times and others… What a delightful/crazy island.