Ko Phi Phi Lee, Krabi, Thailand

Let the drums roll! We are going to Maya beach! Better known as the beach from the film The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio. Merel cannot be more happy…

We will surround Ko Phi Phi Lee on boat. This island is close by, southwards from Ko Phi Phi Don. It’s a national park where no houses, roads or any sign of civilization can be found. The tour will stop us at very cool locations around this island. One of them is a 3 hour stop at Maya beach.

Even if several tours cover the same route it doesn’t matter, all locations were great. These are the places you picture in your mind when you go to a paradisiac island, but it’s real!!!!

After 3 hours at Maya beach almost no tourists were left. Merel could act as if she was in the movie. Hills, cliffs, fish activity (Also sharks) and soft sand can be found. The sand really felt as a soft massage on your feet. Wow! This place is sensational!