Mae Salong, Chiang Rai province, Thailand

Today we embarked into a new journey. In this edition Carlos would come with us. We met him in the cooking course in Chiang Mai. Calm, sympathetic and peaking Andalusian humor gave us some fun. He was taking a break from his job in Cadiz and was really enjoying it. He hadn’t driven with a motorcycle since he was 15 years old, so today he had to bring his limits a bit more further. Today we were going to drive in the famous high mountains of the golden triangle. Carlos was excited as a little kid and we all laughed about this.

Our destination was Mae Salong. A remote town close to Myanmar with a shady history. The region was known some years ago as the global opium fields. They would grow up to 85% of the global opuim. Afghanistan is now the opuim world factory, formerly North Thailand had earned this badge before USA close them down. This town housed the drug lords and part of their daily life was surrounded by drug gangs. What also made this town especially interesting is that once closed down it was influenced by Chinese culture. The Chinese government did not let the Chinese drug lords come back to their country, so Mae Salong became a little China in Thailand. Food and even language is different than the rest of the country.

The way to the destination was beautiful. High views, rural towns and tea fields. The opuim farmers were obliged to change their crops. Tea was one of the chosen. This made a different landscape than what we were used to. We have seen kilometres of rice fields, so yep, this was new and refreshing for us!

After several hours driving what better way than ending it with a great massage (Best I’ve had so far) and a Singha beer. Gulp, that tastes good.