Este año, quiero convertir en mi principal identidad online y dejar de depender tanto de las redes sociales para alojar mi contenido, como fotos o actualizaciones de estado. Esto no cambiará el uso que hago de las redes sociales, así que si me sigues en una red social, no vas a notar demasiados cambios. Esta entrada de blog me ayudará a documentar la lista de cambios y características que voy a implementar en mi página web a lo largo de este año para volverla abierta, federada e independiente.

Contexto: redes sociales y la web cerrada

Las redes sociales mainstream son utilizadas porque son convenientes y fáciles…

This year, I want to make my main online identity and stop relying so much on social networks for hosting my content, such as my photos or my status updates. This will not change the use I make of social networks, so if you follow me on social networks, not much will be noticeable. This blog post will help me control the list of changes and features I’ll add to my website through the year in order to make it open, federated, and independent.

Context: social networks and the closed web

Mainstream social networks are used because they are convenient and easy to set up. The…

I have a problem. Sometimes I’m slightly paranoid about computer security. When I’m on my university network I wonder if web requests made to websites not using HTTPS are being logged. Sometimes I wonder if a local server running on my laptop is being exposed to a public network when I’m not at home. And when it comes to my server, sometimes I wonder if I’m actually alone.

I follow secure practices both for my SSH server and for the appliations that run on it. I check the logs regularly. Yet, if someone is clever enough to break-in into my…

Dani Rodríguez

Creative Software Engineer specialized in web development, who likes to play with web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django or WordPress.

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