Know the content you’re creating and then document your workflows to make it go faster, even if they’re unconventional.

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Once you’ve decided on the type of content you’re focusing on in your business, all that’s left to do is create it and share it.

For many entrepreneurs, the creation process can be the most tedious step.

And that’s especially true if you’re constantly reinventing the wheel.

There’s seriously no reason to start from scratch each time you’re creating content. But I also understand that for some creators, working from too many templates and checklists can feel like it saps all of the “creative” out of the process.

I’m all for finding a happy medium!

For me, smoothing out the…

Increase your sales funnel conversions by nurturing customer relationships in a community format.

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I once had a client tell me that they didn’t want to create a sales funnel because it felt cold and impersonal. This client was prioritizing their brand value of connection when it came to how they curated their customer journey. And I love it when clients know their values and prioritize them.

Unfortunately, sales funnels have a bad reputation these days when it comes to heart-centered and creative entrepreneurs.

But here’s the good news: a truly good sales funnel prioritizes meaningful engagement.

It’s the secret ingredient that turns a linear sales funnel that you have to keep refilling into…

Lead magnets have become today’s business card for online entrepreneurs. Is yours getting the job done?

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Gone are the days when you could slap up an opt-in form and ask people to join your newsletter.

As inboxes have become more and more crowded, it’s taking a little bit more incentive to get people to hand over their email addresses.

This puts a lot of pressure on your lead magnet. Not only does it have to be enticing enough to get people to sign up for your list, but it also has to make a good enough impression to keep them there.

The lead magnet has become our modern-day business card. If you’re an online entrepreneur, your…

Whether you’ve made it complicated or are scared it will be too complex, it’s never too late (or early) to clean up your email marketing act.

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When we talk about simplifying your sales funny or curating your customer journey, one of the simplest places to make a significant impact is with your email marketing. If you’re working efficiently, it should be the centerpiece of the educate and engage section of your funnel.

It’s one of the areas where you have the most control over your customer’s journey, and you can establish your expertise, build trust, and guide them toward becoming a customer.

I tend to see clients falling on one end or the other on the email marketing spectrum. Either they are barely doing it at…

It’s more valuable to show up consistently on one platform with quality content than it is to show up on multiple platforms half-heartedly.

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I see this every day with the entrepreneurs I serve. They are frustrated, overwhelmed, and not gaining traction in their business. It always boils down to the same thing: they are trying to be in too many places at once.

They heard on a podcast that YouTube was the place to be. Then they watched a video that said Facebook Live was the place to be. And a week later, they watched a Live that extolled the virtues of having a podcast. …

All metrics aren’t created equally. Stop focusing on vanity metrics and learn to pay attention to the metrics that make you money.

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One of the most anxiety-ridden parts of being an entrepreneur is the constant pressure of decision making.

What should we do next? Is it time to change up my strategy? Is this working? How will I know if this tactic works? Am I putting my energy into the right things?

When we’re making these decisions off of our feelings, we’re rarely confident in our choices. And that lack of confidence quickly leads to a lack of conviction and a lack of effort. We’re setting ourselves for failure from the start.

What if we could take the pressure off? What if…

I believe that the question isn’t which to use, but what files should go where.

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I believe that the question isn’t which to use, but what files should go where.

In online business communities, the debate has raged for years. Which cloud storage is better for documents and digital files?

I used to be quite firmly planted in Camp Google Drive. Its flexibility for collaboration is virtually unmatched, in my opinion. And these days, almost everyone is familiar with its Docs and Spreadsheets.

But in the past year, I became a convert to the middle ground — I use both, and I couldn’t be happier.

“But Dani,” I hear you saying, “you’re always telling us…

Your systems for streamlining and automating don’t have to be complicated, and they don’t have to look like anyone else’s.

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I’m really, really good at planning things. It’s how I got to where I am today and built the business I have.

What I’m not always good at is doing the things I’ve planned. And from my many conversations with overwhelmed entrepreneurs, I discovered this is a pretty common phenomenon.

Now, obviously, I’m not always a failure at doing the things I’ve planned. If I were, you wouldn’t be reading this article, and I wouldn’t have a successful business as a systems strategist. But, let me be honest, the struggle is real.

This may disappoint you to learn, but I…

If you’re on a platform without a plan, you’re not marketing; you’re consuming.

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One of my favorite things to ask clients is, “what are you doing for your marketing?”

I usually get a list of platforms they are on or use, but rarely do they jump in with the actual efforts they’re making.

Newsflash: Just being on Instagram is not marketing.

If you’re on a platform without a plan, you’re not marketing; you’re consuming content.

Effective online marketing requires five things:

  1. A plan for what type of content you’re going to share
  2. A plan for when you’re going to publish it
  3. A plan for when you’re going to create it
  4. A plan for how you’re going to gauge its…

You don’t need to be everywhere; you just need to be in the right places consistently.

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A quick web search on where to market your business online will bring up a page full of search results with titles like “30 ways to market your online business” and “23 amazing online marketing tactics.” If just seeing those titles overwhelms you a bit, trying to implement them may give you an aneurism.

The general advice for marketing your business online is “the more, the merrier.” The more platforms, the more types of content, the more often you post, the more variations you try.

It all amounts to throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. Except, you’re…

Dani Schnakenberg

Mom of 5 and digital nomad, Dani helps overwhelmed entrepreneurs create systems and processes so they can spend more time doing what they love.

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