Git error: SSL certificate Error:

Git error which says:
Fatal: unable to access ‘path’ :SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issues certificate

Git Error: SSL certificate problem.

I was in the mid of pushing some fixes, when I found the git not supporting me anymore. It was the urgent situation, team was preparing to send the build in EOD and my git decided not to support me.

After a bit of hassle, I was able to figure out the solution. The one line command on CLI worked for me:

Irrespective of the fact that you are using windows or macOS this git command will work. I was using macOS then.
Lets understand this command.
This error occur when self-signed certificate cannot be verified. By default the git verifies the self-signed certificate every time you push or pull the fixes to and from git server.

By this command we tell the git not to perform validation of the certificate using global option.
This though may make your git server vulnerable to man in the middle attack when SSL certification is turned off.
Thus it is recommended to turn on the verification as soon as possible
using below command.

Thus this was my research on SSL certification issue of Git. This issue was also have been resolved by others using below approach.
1. Reinstalling Git
2. Telling the git to where to find CA bundle running.
git config — system http.sslCAPath /absolute/path/to/git/certificate

3. Ensuring that the complete CA is present, including the root cert.

4. Ensure the root cert is added to git.exe’s certificate store

For further reference:

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