Can Technology Solve the Problems of our Society

Sometimes it might seem like technology only causes problems or complicates things. People yearn for a simpler life, without cell phones beeping, traffic jams, and dangerous weapons. But the truth is, science and technology have solved a lot of society’s problems, and will continue to do so in the future.
Lets talk about the medical sector, specifically our susceptibility to disease. Thanks to science and medical technology, our life expectancies have increased at a dramatic rate. We now have antibiotics and other drugs to cure diseases, MRI scanners to take images of the inside of the body, ventilators to breathe, and pacemakers to beat your heart for you. All these things are only possible because of what scientists have learned over the last two centuries.
Technology has in fact given us more time to solve our issues. Sometimes it feels like we have no time in the modern world — we rush around at such a pace, and are always busy. But the truth is, we have far more time than we used to. We used to have to manually clean our own clothes and dishes, sweep floors with a brush, collect water from a well, and work only by daylight. Human productivity has increased so much thanks to dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, piped water, and artificial lights. It’s just that we’ve found new ways to fill our time.
On contrary its true that where technology has taken jobs/employment from the market, it has given us so much to be more productive and creative. Technology is not bad for us or our society, we just need to learn to find a way to work side by side !!

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