5 Awesome Sales Automation tricks to help you make more money

Let us start with a Story:

Recalling those old days when I started my Web Hosting Company in 2011, back then it was so difficult to find new customers, so I decided to make 100 calls a day.

I took it as a mission to dial 100 new people to reach voicemail, and rarely it happened that someone picked up, but that also got disconnected with a common excuse “I am in Meeting, Call me later”.

I remember those days when I made 100+ calls and approx 5 to 6 actual conversation took place out of which only two would make sense, where people showed interest in the product. And that was considered to be a good day for me as a Sales guy.

Continuing the course for a week, I didn’t get what I expected, which discouraged me at the end.


The above story states only less than 1% of the people show interest. It is because many of the sales representatives are focused on closing prospects, even when the customers are not ready to buy.


Don’t sell products, try building a relationship by solving prospect’s real problem. Now the question arises, whose problem you should address first? The clear answer is to figure out valuable opportunities by using some helpful Sales Automation techniques.

Here goes the list:

Sales Automation Tricks

We call our Sales Tool as CRM (Customer Relationship Managment) which is also known as Sales Force Management System. The Sales & Marketing work hand to hand know as SaMarketing.

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1. Automated Lead Generation

How should a Sales Person spend his first 2 hours of a day?

They should be spent in Checking Mails, Adding new Leads, Managing and scheduling the tasks for the day, which will take a dab of your time but it’s worth it.

The most tedious task of all is adding new leads, and I must say you should not depend on manual lead generation because leads can come from anywhere, anytime. Isn’t it? Eventually saving a lot of time which can utilise for closing deals.

This Automation of lead generation is vital, where you need a CRM Software, which captures lead both offline and online through any medium like Phone, Website, Chat, Email, etc. and keep a record of the source.

Tips: Make sure that your Lead Leakage = 0

2. Automate Lead Distribution

The Lead comes in and sits into a CRM till the distribution manager has time to assign it to a Salesperson. Often, the lead gets attached without any predefined method and hence produces no results.

You must learn about the Lead Management System for automatic distribution of leads to sales reps. With some pre-defined formulas like:

  • Distribute Lead based on its Location
  • Distribute Lead based on its Interest
  • Distribute Lead based on its Quality
  • Distribute Lead based on its Industry
  • Distribute Lead based on its Source

The most common one out of them is lead distribution based on its location, but I recommend to distribute leads by creating series of rules which brings in more quality.

For Example create a rule: Lead coming from X location belongs to X Industry and have X no. of employees.

3. Automate Lead Prioritization

We all know all the leads are not equal. So, most of the sales person’s time is spent on prioritising the leads which are again a tedious task.

It is one of the Gamification Technique where points allocated to each lead on performing some action. The desired points get assigned to particular action depending on how much value it pass.

  • When Someone Subscribes on to your Website.
  • When the Lead opens the newsletter and reads it.
  • When Lead gives a Phone Call and talks to the real person.
  • When Someone spends more than 10 minutes on the website.
  • When someone checks the Pricing Page.

Nothing could be better if the system automatically prioritises leads for you, which gives you clear signal how much time you need to spend on a particular lead.

The process of prioritising the lead with some data points is also known as Lead Nurturing. In other words, Lead Nurturing is a process of developing a relationship with the buyers at any stage of the sales funnel.

It’s important for you to automate the Lead Prioritization and this automation can only achieve by any Sales and Marketing Automation Tool like LeadSquared.

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4. Automate Meeting Bookings

Sales people are keen to have meetings with their customers, but they also know how hard it is to schedule one. Online or Offline; A Meeting plays an essential for achieving the Sales target.

Every sales rep. Must try best to set up a meeting but it gets hard to find a common free slot which suits both. To setup, a single session, lot of emails have to be exchanged which is more frustrating for a customer.

What if this gets automated where your client books a session slot from your calendar availability i.e. You keep an open schedule on a website where customer book a meeting slot as per his availability. Sounds interesting, right?

HubSpot offers Automated Meeting Booking feature in their free Sales Software.

5. Automate Daily Digest

You need the last day digest in your mail so that you can plan your present day for more productivity.

For this, you need to have an Automated Daily Digest hitting to each Sales Rep.’s Inbox in the morning. Which will give them a clear picture on which deal is important enough to invest time today?

The dashboard provides a complete day’s picture, as it saves a lot of time for a sales guy, which he spends on pulling data manually, screen shooting charts and attaching reports to individual emails.

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The above Sales Automation techniques will really help you if you apply them thoroughly, but still you have to keep on adding the traditional sales efforts which worked for you in past. For a recall here is 12 Steps Guide to improve your salesby @WikiHow.

The Sales cycle works under the rule of 80:20 where 80% of the revenue comes from 20% of the customers. So it’s vital for you to invest more time on valuable clients.

The above automation strategies are inclined to achieve more sales for you, so take a wise decision and work accordingly.

If you are looking for tools which can help you make all above here is the giant list of 51 Sales Automation Tools. By @Docurated.

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