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That’s what we’re going for here. We don’t want a flash-in-the-pan experience for the people who like our work, we want them to keep coming back. We want to build a long-term relationship.

How do we do that?

Well, we began by creating material draws people in (Step 1), and then we encouraged our fans to share (Step 2).

Now we talk about getting noticed or “outreach.”

In the article How Partnerships can Explode Your Platform Growth, I talked about the benefits of established influencers which has huge opportunity for expanding your fan base, introducing you to a large group of people at once. …

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One of the best ways to sell your books? Through your Fans. Why? Because when someone reads your book and connects with it on a deep level, they want to share it. This is something that you should encourage as a writer.

How do readers find new books? How do you find new books? If it’s not through your favorite author, the most common alternative is through a friend’s recommendation. You want your fans to recommend your book to their friends so that you can build your fan base and sell more books.

Here are a few ways to encourage your fans to share your work with…

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Why do you need to brand yourself as an author? What is the importance of that?

Think about how you find new reads. Where do you go to first? Your favorite author? Your favorite genres? Have you ever been able to decipher who a writer is by their tone and the words they use?

It’s kinda cool when you can tell who a writer is by their writing. It’s also pretty fun when you make those little connections buried in the words that others less familiar with the work or the writer may not get. …

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Marketing is simpler than we think it is. We tend to ascribe it the feelings of annoying someone, getting rejected, and feeling vulnerable. Or we picture the sleazy car salesman who pretends to care about you long enough to lock you into a sale.

Neither are actually what marketing is about.

Marketing is about taking people who want a certain thing and connecting them to that thing they want.

Are you having trouble selling your book? Think about readers for a moment.

It’s not that they don’t want to read/buy your book. It’s not that they’ve been hounded relentlessly about buying that they shun it. It’s not that you’re annoying them. It’s that they don’t know about you/your book. …

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Let’s say you’re just getting started with your book marketing, and you’re not sure how to go about it. You have no audience of your own.

How do you get eyes on your work?

There are so many strategies and techniques that you can try, but the quickest way to introduce yourself to a new audience is to find someone to partner with.

A good partner or influencer will have:

-An established Audience

-Direct contact with their audience (email list vs. social media)

-Frequent helpful/relevant/meaningful communication with their audience

-Fairly good engagement from their audience (30–50% open rate)

Why is this helpful? …

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  1. Get plenty of rest so your brain is refreshed and ready to work.

Tired brains come up with some crazy stuff, but aren’t the best organizers. To get the most out of your writing time, set a time when your brain will be in the optimal mindset.

2. Keep a routine so that you have time to adjust from life to writing time.

It’ll be easier for the writing to flow. Especially if you block this time daily. After a while you’ll automatically slip into the groove.

3. Keep a list of ideas to work on when inspiration lacks.

Inspiration strikes in the unlikely times and places. i.e. the shower, in the grocery store, while at work, or driving. Keep notes of what comes to you so that you can write it later. …

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Because “good enough” isn’t good enough. It’s boring, common place. Your work shouldn’t be boring and common place. If it is, maybe it doesn’t inspire you enough.

The kernel of inspiration should sprout an amazing little tree that grows in all directions, and you as the gardener get to shape it into whatever you want it to be.

Also, if your work bores you, it will show through. And it won’t stand out.

Think of your favorite authors. What makes them stand out to you? What do they do different?

Mediocrity is being stuck by the same rules or the same trends as everyone else. Perhaps riding the wave of popularity makes money, but what if it doesn’t? You could more easily be lost amid the other authors trying to pull off the exact same thing. …

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Annoyed at my husband for not sharing a life-changing tidbit with me, I realized how big word of mouth really is.

I could have been saving money for months with this tidbit if he’d only told me he’d been using it too. It’s not his fault he didn’t tell me. It’s not mine for not knowing sooner, but it’s kinda cool that I know about it now and use it. (Just for kicks and giggles, the app is called “Honey” and runs coupons on websites so you can save the most possible. …

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Because it pushes you to beyond where you’re comfortable which in turn encourages growth. Sometimes when you fall flat is when you find the drive to try that much harder.

Life is about growth. Growing allows us to expand the value we receive out of life and the value others get from us. It allows us to move forward in our careers, with our relationships, and seek self-actualization in many areas.

As a hardcore introvert, I completely understand the comfort zone and staying within it’s boundaries.

Recently, I was very uncomfortable with life. I was moving around with my husband for his job, living out of hotels. We didn’t have very much money. I didn’t feel comfortable getting out in new places, seeing new people. All I wanted was to go home where it was comfortable and where I knew everything and everyone. …

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Seek out new opportunities. Go beyond where you are. Learn new things and skills.

Try something you’ve never done before just because it’s different and exhilarating. Become a student again. Find your curiosity and wonder at life once more.

Step back and evaluate your life. Think about where you are, who you are. Contemplate the big questions and discover your belief system.

Walk down old roads in your memory to see how far you’ve come. Do something you haven’t done in a while.

Feeling stagnant is a part of life. It signals that you’re ready for a new challenge. For new horizons.

If that’s you, that’s fantastic! You’re ready. Go forth and conquer!


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