WhatsApp New Update Supports Sending PDF, APK and ZIP Files

In our recent updates, we explained that WhatsApp said it will be limiting phones compatibility, now they have started rolling out some big features in this latest update.

Yesterday, WhatsApp added the Feature of sending pdf files, apk file, zip files and other other document.

But it is like I get a little idea of what WhatsApp is trying to do, if you look at some of those excluded phone WhatsApp mentioned, you will see that they are low end. They won’t be able to open some of the supported features whatsapp added. They can’t even recieve it.

I have seen a situation where I wanted to send a file with an apk extension to an S40 phone but it wasn’t successful till i rename the extension to a different thing that can recognise by an S40 and it was sent.

Before you can enjoy this feature, you have to upgrade your phone, you must running on an android device.

WhatsApp have not limited the phones yet but they have started excluding the features that can work on those phones or not.

I think this will be one of the most exciting features that will come to whatsapp, I have seen many scenario where people try to send many document to the friends but will be unable to do so. Many app developers have tried to mod a whatsapp that can do that but was successful.
 They share files on facebook groups and pages but when it comes to WhatsApp, it become only a dream.

Now, you will be able to enjoy sharing of files on whatsapp groups.

If you want to send PDF FILE, just like you do always send files like before. Click on whe sharing icon and click on document.

If the user you are sending the document is not using the version of WhatsApp that support recieving of the documents, you won’t be able to do that.

 When sending documents, if there’s any details attached to do document, it will display it along with the document you are sending.
 It also displays the size of the file you are sending.

The file you recieved can be downloaded and can be found at the WhatsApp folder at the root of your SD Card or phone memory.

Are you getting any error trying to send any of the mentioned file?, you can let us know in the comment form.

Originally published at www.danitechbox.com on March 3, 2016.

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