Recently I came across this dilemma when I had to limit the requests which are fired from a search box on each keystroke. For some more context, both denounce and throttling are performance improvement techniques in order to limit the number of actions when there are way too many events (API calls in my case) involved.

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Let’s look at some scenarios where this might be useful

  • Continues API calls
  • Events like mousemove, resize and scroll
  • Avoid click spamming

Now dissect the approaches one by one.


In this approach, we are just limiting the number of actions for a specific period…

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Node.JS is without a doubt a revolutionary invention. Not only to the JavaScript world, but for the whole web world itself. No matter you are a JS magician or just stepping into this scene, it is essential to know some basic concepts to successfully crack interviews on this open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment.

What is Node.JS?

By definition, Node.js is a JavaScript run-time built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. V8 engine parses your code and converts it into executable commands. Run-time is responsible for providing some objects which will help to interact with the outside world, such as file system.

How it works?

We are supposed…

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I’ve been utilising technology to keep my work-life balance for a while. Since android is my daily driver, I’ll share 5 android apps which helped me to save time and increase productivity.

#1. Workflowy

This nifty note taking tool helps me to organise my ideas and notes. Keeping notes was a hefty task for me, because I get’s new ideas all the time and spends precious brain space to memorise it. With simple bulletin based design, workflowy does the heavy lifting for me these days. If you want a more feature rich solution(with increased complexity, of-course), you can try Notion too.


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At first time when I was heard about serverless functions, I was super-excited. But then I realised the fact that setting it up for the first time in AWS takes a little bit of more time and effort than my expectations. Then I heard about Netlify supports lambda functions, and decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, the process was super simple, and my serverless function was up and running within minutes!

Let me walk you through what I did.

I used NodeJS to write my function. You can see the full list of supported languages here. Create a new…

A few months before, I realized a need of sharing my reads(mostly medium posts) to public. I am very picky about them, so sharing will definitely help out other web developers. That’s how The Web Club telegram channel was born!

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The process was like: investing some time to find a good article on medium, read through and confirm usefulness, copy-paste URL and article name to The Web Club. Along with that, added some post’s for #inspiration, mostly from CSS Design Awards site of the day. This process quickly became a routine.

But the copy-paste job was really boring. Like, if…

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While doing Google Udacity Challenge Scholarship for Mobile Web Specialist track, I happened to know about Background Sync. A technology that can be used do things even after web app is closed! Voila!! The gap between native apps and web apps is getting thin day by day. And, this is a huge step forward. But how can we use it in our favour?

In the application level, the process can be concluded in this way: queue events within the browser, that will fire in your Service Worker when the browser has network connectivity. …

A few months before, I was scrolling through twitter feed, an article caught my eyes. It was about Google, in association with Udacity, offering scholarships for aspiring developers. While filling out the application form, I made a decision which elevated my life to a new whole new level! I decided to quit my LAMP developer job, switch to JavaScript world and change my focus to modern tech and open-source contributions!!

I’ll never forget the moment, which I found that mail saying “you have been accepted into the Google India Challenge Scholarship”. Words are not enough to express that feeling…

It’s time to become that ultimate IndexedDB Ninja everyone dreams to be! But it is impossible without reading Taming IndexedDB [1/3] and Taming IndexedDB [2/3]. If you covered that already, it’t time to the finale!!

Working with Indexes

If you are reading this series from the beginning, you may recall the term ‘Index’.

Index is a kinda object store for organizing data for another object store. For example, if you’re storing users, you may want to fetch them later by their name or favorite movies.

Indexes kicks in if we want only a subset of the data based on a particular property…

In last session, we setup a database and created an object store within. If you feel this strange, feel free to read Taming IndexedDB — Part 1. Else, lets get moving!

Working with Data

Read, write and delete operations can be performed using get, put and delete respectively. Makes sense, right?

As I mentioned before, get is used to read data from object stores. It should be used within a transaction. As this is for just reading data, a readonly transactions makes sense.

dbPromise.then(function(db) {
var tx = db.transaction('store', 'readonly');
var store = tx.objectStore('store');
return store.get('sandwich');
}).then(function(val) {

The code…

After I had quit my job and started to learn JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps aka PWA was the thing in my mind (along with some artificial intelligence and machine learning fancy stuff, of course). Switching from LAMP to MEVN was not that hard, but it took time! I thought it was better to step into the PWA only after learning the basics well.

All of it changed suddenly, once I got enrolled into Google Udacity Challenge Scholarship in Mobile Web Specialist track. I was skeptical about the encounter, but trust me, taming IndexedBD is not that hard. …

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