Developers copy and paste code all the time. Especially snippets of code, that are sometimes meant to be copied and pasted. Or for example, when I’m declaring dependencies on my web application on my package.json file, you best bet that I’m not typing everything out from scratch (unless they drastically differ from one web application to another).

Code, to an extent, is meant to be reused. The problem arises when I copy and paste code that I do not fully understand line-by-line. I’ve always been discouraged to copy code, not too frequently at least. If I have to rely on…

scrollTop (And a Little bit of offsetTop)

scrollTop is an element property that gets or sets the top position (vertical scroll position) of the selected element. scrollTop measures the distance from a) the top of the element to b) the element’s topmost visible content.

If there is no scrollable content, then the scrollTop value is 0. To better understand this, here’s an example.

You have an <article> tag with several <p> tags inside. Let’s say the <article> is given a height of 100px and the text inside the article is fairly long so it overflows out. If you set <article> to overflow-y: scroll, you’ve given this element…

My previous post ranted about how important form validation is to me. So here’s a post going over one way I validate my own forms. Here’s the demo. Needless to say, there’s so many ways to do this and frankly, better ways than this, but I’ll take this opportunity to archive here how the contact form validates on my personal website.

The Form Itself (HTML)

Here’s a basic contact form that asks for your name, email address, and message. …

As a front-end web developer, I browse websites differently than I used to. Unintentionally, I’m paying attention to consistencies in margins, paddings, and line-heights. I’m resizing the browser width to see how responsive the webpage is and if there’s a specific breakpoint (at some arbitrary width of 863px or whatever?) that slipped through QA. There is one front-end feature on almost every website that I very often test myself when I come across it. Form validation. I truly believe that what can make websites from good to great lies in the details, some that I’ve listed above.

It’s the “little…

File transfer protocol (FTP) is used to transfer files between computers on a network. In my simplified terms, it’s how I upload/download files from my local machine to-and-from servers where my websites are hosted. There are various FTP clients, such as Fetch, FileZilla, Cyberduck, and more, that provide intuitive interfaces that allow for drag-and-drop of files. This gets extremely annoying when you have to upload edited files via FTP client each time changes have been made that you want to push live. This is no way to live your life. There are automated ways to do this with your text…

Dani Kim

UX Designer @ SAP. New York City.

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