Yes, I am well aware of how messy my board looks.

First things first, Happy New Year! Here’s to #2K16, another 365 days of unpredictabilities…and stuff. Truth be told, I was never one for wild parties and over-exaggerated celebrations over the passing of a year, but this year, I am somehow depressed with how the whole “New Year” thing is being laid out. Of course, I spent it at college, in one of my friend’s room last year (we stayed up until it was barely past midnight, greeted our families and friends over texts, and went to bed — not exactly a party) but still…

So I started Uni about six months ago and made a few friends, but the whole socializing and “building network” thing does not sound very appealing to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like meeting new people, and the kids (oh who am I kidding, they’re mostly at least a year older than me ha ha) at my faculty are a fairly nice bunch but I am simply more inclined to befriend dogs and cats or little babies and old people, hence my non-existent social life.

Okay so back to being a loner in my tiny dorm room on new year’s day — as I sat at my desk, surrounded by lecture notes and textbooks( the ones that I have never felt the need to open until it is the very eve of my exam ) and the soft humming of my table fan, I got to thinking about my new year’s resolution. Yes, eye rolls and yawns and all that “I’m so over this mainstream BS” notion. But just hear me out, I promise there would be no eating healthier or losing weight resolutions. I’ll type them out in a way that you can all relate to. This article will probably never be read by anyone, but let’s just be optimistically oblivious of this fact. *smiley face*

My 2016 Resolutions :

  1. Stop skipping classes. More often than not, I tend to think “screw lectures and/or tutorial classes! I can study this thing by myself !” and make an inept mental note to google the topic or learn it from Youtube afterwards. Because if people can learn to play the guitar purely by self-teaching themselves from Youtube videos, then I can self-teach myself all the topics, the same way, right? Wrong. This, I had to learn from a very, very bad experience.
  2. Talk less, listen more. I have this ongoing anxiety about being ‘the girl who talks way too much’ because sometimes it’s hard not to want people to hear me out. But as the saying goes, “When you talk, you are simply repeating what you know, but when you listen, you are gaining something new”. So this year I am going to limit my blabbers, sit back, and do a whole lot of listening to the people around me. Hey, maybe I’ll even blend into the walls and become the ears of the university, just imagine the power I’ll gain from over-hearing people’s secrets.
  3. Post less selfies on my instagram profile .I’d put my username in here, but that would go against one of my principles: do not conduct any form of self-promotion . A selfie. The most common form of vanity today. I post a lot of them on my profile (forgive my vain teenage soul) and I am getting more and more self-conscious about them being out there, not just for the fact that it is *cue mom’s voice* very dangerous to simply put your face on the internet like that, but also because selfies are so unnecessary. Seriously, will looking at my face cure a fever? No! It’s probably going to worsen it. The selfie phenomena has created a society of narcissists whose main concern is the amount of likes they get per post — I’ll just stop here before I go on and on about this. Point is, as of today, the first day of the year 2016, my followers can expect little to no selfie posts on my profile.
  4. Put more effort into my studies. For all of my 12 years of formal study, I have never put 100% of my effort into any of my subjects. I remember being in year 5, doing my school’s Chinese comprehensive test, and actually reading all the questions before answering them and thinking “Hey, this isn’t so bad.” Yes. I was (still kind of am) a very lazy student. Mom had to send me to extra tuition classes just to keep me doing something. I’m surprised and honored that my first choice university accepted me, so I should at least respect them and actually give a damn about my subjects here.
  5. Be nicer to my parents, my siblings, friends and my boyfriend. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own problems and forget that they have their own issues to, #sorry about that.To my family, I promise to be patient when you’re all being annoying. To my friends, I promise to try harder to keep in touch as often as my schedule would let me. To my boyfriend, I promise I’ll tone down my snarky remarks every time my special friend pays me her monthly visit.

So those are the top five resolutions I have for the new year. Let’s all unite in hope so that I can fulfill them. I have another 20 resolutions but I’ll keep them to myself. My back is aching, it’s 5:26 AM here and I am feeling slightly sleep-deprived. I should probably go to bed now.

(I didn’t get around to check for any grammar mistakes so if you found any, please don’t make fun of me or report me to the grammar nazi.)

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