“Trust enables you to execute with excellence and produce extraordinary results. As you execute with excellence and deliver on your commitments, trust becomes easier to inspire, creating a flywheel of performance.”– Douglas Conant

80% potential customers rely on the product reviews sturdily rather than product description. Either awful or favorable, whatever be the evaluation, they trust on them and then come to a conclusion. What are the two aspects on which the customer depends while shopping in e-commerce scenario? Reputation and reveiws- these are the two most prominent and indispensable substances a customer mulls over before shopping. The name and eminence of the firm or website is more than enough for buying any commodity and ratings, furthermore, as a supplement, play their role significantly.

Influence on shop owner and customer


‘Trust’ or ‘Belief’- an influential relation between customer and shop-owner. Reviews, in this internet era, work as a trial session before joining a course, that if the trial lectures impress you, so you can join the whole course session. Same for the product reviews, if the reviews and ratings are appreciably elevated, then the outcome is favorable to the web owner or retailer.

The product reviews have proved noteworthy typically in the provision of the online shopping when the customer has to choose by just visualizing the product. Therefore, it’s impossible to analyze the quality of the product to an extent. In such circumstances, reviews prove boon for the customer. They are the only genuine mode to evaluate the qualitative features of the merchandise.

This approach is not only applicable to the online buyers, but also for the buyers, who visited the retailer physically. A survey has stated that as in the case of physical customer, 70% of the customers analyze the ratings of the product very first and then in accordance with their choice, they visited the brick and a mortar store.

Shop owner

Commenting is easy, but responding is hard-hitting. The reviews of the customer are much imperative for any web owner or retailer. It, either directly or indirectly, affects his trade. The customer visits and explores your website and make an opinion about your website and discuss with others too. Moreover, the negative impact is very prevalent in the case of online shopping. Online shopping encompasses only visualization, but not feel or touch. Therefore, it is facile for the competitors or the customers to give the atrocious feedback about the website. The website owner must be proactive about his website ratings.

How to handle the negative comment?

It’s not always the firm or website owners’ fault or any inaccuracy. Sometimes, it’s the erroneous service or the unfavorable circumstances that have become the hurdles in the path of the promotion of the company or website.

· Don’t get rid of such awful comments.

· Try to handle them and responding to them very vigilantly but with dignity.

· Respond in a courteous manner that the customer gets intended with your reply.

· Make it your habit to reply to every customer.

· Last but not the least, say thanks to the customer and appreciate if anyone will share any relevant information.

The reviews about any website or any retailer’s shop have radically impacted the other customers as well as the brand owner. In fact, it is the sake of his business typically.

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