Plan B — An Help Desk

Four years back, When I passed out from my college with the certificate of Pre-Engineering and with full of thoughts and perceptions, What’s now?

I had took an admission in a university in the field of Computer Science and the reason was ‘Boom of Technology’. When my semester was started, I was literally dumb, Because I had no clue about that particular institute and its standards. I never felt good enough to meet those standards. Looking back on that time, I can see now how I was confused.

Time passed on, I have learned a lot and make so many good friends and when I became the ‘Android Developer’ from the Non Passionate Engineering guy. Now the responsibility on me to guide my juniors but wait, why only my?

The idea of an Mobile App born, That application must have all the High schools, Colleges and Universities in world wide. The name Plan B is derived from our daily routines when the basic plan i.e. Plan A fails and there’s no other plan is in sight. That’s when Plan B comes into play where students can seek help from whole community, instead of having to approach people, one by one.

Plan B application is for the students who are facing problems when they join any high school or institute they never know about the particular institute. With the help of Plan B application the students can post in application and can interact with other fellow students those who already in same institute.

Plan B application aims to help students having queries or confusion about the institute or school they are interested in. With the help of this app they can post their queries on an open platform and receive answers and clarifications from students or other staff members already being a part of the institute or school the query is related to.

And you know what the excited part is? The Idea Plan B is live now.

I wish and my efforts is for those upcoming generation those have literally no idea what to do now? Or where to go? This App will become the guidance for those students in world wide with 13k+ Institutions.