Darkness always terrified me because it realized me of two horrifying incidents which encountered me. I would never forget those dread full incidents in my whole life . These incidents are imprinted in my mind forever.

“ No Bill ! It is very dark outside . I can’t give you permission of going out and play cricket , “ My mother said.

“ Please Mom ! I promise I will come back home early , “ I exclaimed .

“ Okay ! But don’t break your promise ,” My mother replied.

“ Thank you mom , “ I said .

I quickly dashed out and joined my friends. We began to play cricket . It was a pleasant night . The wind was sighing and trashing in the tree tops and the boughs moaned . I was having a great fun , when one of my friend smashed the ball harder and it went inside an empty plot . It was to dark and my friends were not ready to go there . I mustered some courage and went inside that empty plot.

It was pitch black . I couldn’t see any thing . It seemed i was blind . Suddenly , I saw a figure of ghost . It was horrible . I was petrified . I shrieked in fear. I saw the reflection of ghost every where . I heard a loud laughter consistently . I was screaming a lot . At last my head began to spin . I fell down and faint .

When i opened my eyes , I found myself in my bedroom . All my family members were gathered around me . My mother sucked in a deep breadth . She was relaxed now.

“ Bill you promise me to come back home early . You break your promise . Now i will never give you permission to go out at night to play cricket , “ said my mother.

“ Sorry mom, “ I replied .

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