Excusatio non petita accusatio manifesta

San Francisco, Thursday 20:30, tomorrow I´ll hire my van to enjoy 2 weeks exploring California!

I find a beautiful website to hire a van, travel and get lost; it is some of the best things for me in life, no mobile, no laptop, only me, my lonely planet, my books and the road…

Sounds nice, but is not all the truth!

The truth is that my friends told me that I´m a workaholic, not my colleagues and the other entrepreneurs, because of all of us, share the same problem, but we did not recognize.

I love my work, so like Confucio says (thanks Alvaro)

Love what you do, and you´ll never work again!

I don´t feel that I work an hour at all, but my Calendar says that my average work is 3300 hours per year since last eight years. (yes, google knows everything about me, it is all on my calendar)

The worst thing?

Why I feel guilty then? Why I have to explain and justify myself? Why I write this auto-reply mail?

Funny things that I discovered after reading my message?

1 . Sorry Dani! Are you Exploring California? This means that you are on holidays? Please be clear! Are you afraid of the word HOLIDAYS???

2. Sorry!! you´ll never be out of the office!!! You are CEO and founder of a company, so this precisely means that the office is in your fucking HEAD!! Accept this reality!

3. Good luck Dani, first days are going to be worst! it´s just the jonky limbo!

Yes, in spanish “pasar el mono” but in english, is not “pass the monkey”…

4. What Can I find in youtube about this problem?

Yeah! a great CEO, and yes they are a real company!

So why I´m explaining all of this? because people from 70´and 80´cames from a Yuppie culture where work more means that you are doing the right thing! this is the software that is running in our heads!

And you know why?

I love write, comunicate my incoherences and maybe help other come out, because we need to change the status quo

It´s cool work 16 hours if you love what you do, but it´s not cool feel nice and feel that you are doing the right thing because you are a busy businessman

It´s really more cool work 10 hours , be productive, have time to think, practice sport, cook a healthy meal, work in orchard, and even enjoy your family and friends, sounds crazy? That is life!

Do you know what? run a company is a marathon not and sprint! and I want to be running a lot of time, we have to create another, better and more organic way to manage a company.

And it´s easy, we don´t have to reinvent the wheel.. is just remind our mum´s advices

Sleep 8 hours
Do what you love
Eat peacefully and healthy
Enjoy sport
Take time for your hobbies
Enjoy your family and friends

Life is EASY!

It matters how we get there!

The devil is in the detail!


thanks isa!

Thanks Silvia!

PS: I´m from the Principate of Asturias, Spain, Europe, so I usually write in Spanish, but I think that writing in English is an excellent way to improve myself and help my partners in www.zapiens.org to improve theirs. And yes! I use Grammarly but please give me feedback about my English mistakes and help me to improve it! Thanks in advance!