Why I started No More Filing

My friends won’t be surprised to hear this, but it’s slightly scary to make this admission in writing. I’m terribly disorganised when it comes to managing my life. Work has always been different, I’m pretty good with deadlines, managing finance and meetings customers’ needs but when it comes to my personal life, I’m a train wreck.

Despite having never really struggled financially, I’ve always been late at paying bills, often incurring interest and fines. I’m dreadful at opening letters let alone putting a cheque in the post or picking up the phone to pay a bill. When it comes to things breaking down in the house or repairs needed, I have no clue where my insurance details or warrantee certificates are ‘stored’ and inevitably things get left to get worse and I’ve even ended up buying new appliances rather than getting them fixed because I can’t find the documents.

It’s therefore no surprise that as an entrepreneur and ideas person I’ve been thinking about this as a problem that needs solving with technology for a very long time. Last year I started taking it more seriously and working with some friends came up with the ideal solution which I’ve slowly been developing into something that is achievable. Here is the vision:

“No More Filing will allow you to give your unique NMF ID to any supplier (utilities, phone, insurance, warrantee cover etc) and they will use that to send all documentation through to you electronically via our website and app. In addition, a premium service will provide a concierge service to manage your household issues (find me a plumber or contact my insurance company for me etc.).

Open the app and you instantly have a view of all your suppliers, with all your account information at your fingertips. The app gives you reminders and alerts when you need to take action such as paying a bill or a contract is up for renewal. Finally, the app will proactively take your usage information and find you cheaper suppliers which you can then easily switch to.”

Our research has shown a massive demand for this service and that even highly organised people who are on top of their home paperwork want a service that gives them these features.

To get all the suppliers onboard is going to take time, so we’ve developed unique technology which allows you to photograph, scan, email or upload your documents to us and we recognise and pull out the key information and store it in the app.

To complete the development of the website and mobile application, we need to raise money. We’ve decided to use Seedrs for crowdfunding as it allows us to give anyone who invests even as little as £10 equity (shares) in No More Filing. We’re hoping that we will create a large base of shareholders who will be enthusiastic about the app and become ambassadors and beta testers when we launch.

To invest, take a look at https://www.seedrs.com/startups/no-more-filing

Interim CTO, advisor and mentor (recovering startup founder)