2017 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 15
Scott Myers

A fancy restaurant. A man and woman sit at an elegantly adorned table with table cloth, multiple vine glasses, forks, knives and plates. They are well dressed.

Waitress: Welcome to Chateau Eau. Are you celebrating something tonight?

Man: We are celebrating our love of fine food. I must admit I’m tempted by your $1,000 hamburger. The Times said it was to die for.

Waitress: That’s one of our most popular items. Are you sure I can’t tempt you with our prix fix menu?

Woman: We don’t have time for a seven-course meal tonight. Perhaps another time.

Man: Yes, we are in a bit of a hurry. Our plane to Paris leaves tonight. We’re doing the five-city tasting tour.

Waitress: You certainly know your food! Shall I place your order for the burger?

Man: Yes, two of your $1,000 burgers. One rare, one medium.

Waitress: Certainly.

Woman: I can’t wait. It has hand-rubbed kobe beef imported from Japan. Tomato catsup from heirloom tomatoes from Italy. Caviar infused Russian dressing. Brioche buns. Yum.

Man: It certainly should. It costs $1,000!

In the kitchen

Waitress: Give me two Big Macs.

Chef: Good thing we’re right next door to McDonald’s!

Waitress: No one has ever figured that we serve takeout from Mickie D’s. People are so impressed with themselves.

In the dining room. Man and woman take a bite of their Big Macs

Man: Delicious!

Woman: Divine!

Man: Paris is going to look pretty tame after this!

Woman: I can even taste the caviar pop in my mouth!


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