2017 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 17
Scott Myers

SCENE: A nursing home. Music plays in the background. MAN and WOMAN are sitting on sidelines, watching the others dance.

MAN: This takes me back in time.

WOMAN: What do you mean?

MAN: It’s like being back at the high school dances and mixers and proms.

WOMAN: How so?

MAN: Well, you’d have the popular kids all dancing and the rest of the kids sitting on the sidelines.

WOMAN: Like we are?

MAN: Well, uh, yes. We are. Wallflowers.

WOMAN: I remember those days. The girls would be on side. The boys would be on the other. The girls in those days didn’t ask boys to dance.

MAN: And the boys were too shy to ask the girls. Those were the days.

WOMAN: Those might be fond memories, but they were rotten dances!

MAN: They sure were. Fortunately, we’re older now and know that it really doesn’t matter if the girl rejects you.

WOMAN: And any woman can ask any man to dance. Times change.

MAN: So let’s dance!

WOMAN: Yes, let’s dance! No more wallflowers for us!

MAN: I have one question, though.

WOMAN: What’s that?

MAN: What do we do with our walkers?