For moving and for feeling: Jules of Result of Choice

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Result of Choice is a hardcore band from South Florida. Their new 7", Place of My Dreams, will be out via Advanced Perspective this year.

What’s in South Florida’s water right now? Give me an insider’s overview of what’s been going on.

You’re asking me! Seems like every other week I’m hearing a rough recording for a new project or reading over some new lyrics. It’s tight! South Florida is home to some of the most insanely creative, imaginative, and expressive people I’ve ever met. I think ideas are just constantly being exchanged and bounced off of one person to the next. Everyone is involved in one way or another. Making music and working on tangible contributions like zines or even attending shows are not just easily accessible but encouraged. Anything is possible when you have a group of like-minded individuals and I firmly believe SFL is a testament to that.

How do you think it happened? Not to say that SFL was ever dormant, but it feels like something clicked. Explain IOU Records and plug some bands & zines for the uninitiated readers.

I know what you’re talking about. I think a lot of it has to do with the new wave of kids booking shows, starting bands, and learning instruments with the guidance of older generations. Those guys realized the future is in the youth. To keep something they love and take pride in moving forward, they were gonna have to offer their guidance and insight to people like me. Bands like Field Agent, Secondsight, The Turn, and Envision are all a product of just that. Same deal with zines! Burning Within, Force of Change, and Light in the Dark are all great reads. SFL based labels like PYC and IOU have been a huge component in the movement. IOU ushered in a wave of fresh new music while offering an accessible platform. It hasn’t even been a year and I’m already hearing talks of release #10. Something to keep your eye on for sure.

What’s the Result of Choice story? How did the band come to be?

I wish there was more to it than there actually is! Being surrounded by such expressive and dauntless individuals, I felt really inspired and encouraged to put out my own contribution. The only deliberate plan was to work towards creating something positive, colorful, and fun to listen to. Music for moving, music for feeling. It seemed like something that was needed down here at the time-something optimistic and encouraging I guess! After building up the courage to hit up our old drummer Jesse (who at the time was only really active in Sub Con and The Turn), we soon found out Toli who now plays guitar and writes most of the music had something similar in mind. Can’t believe we’re about to hit a year! Time flies way too fast.

Talk about the demo’s lyrics — what ideas are you interrogating, and where are they coming from? What can listeners expect lyrically from Place of My Dreams?

Around the time the demo was being written, I think people were still trying to swallow the harsh realities following the election. Seemed like everyone in their right state of mind was trying to grasp at anything that would offer some sort of solution or at least start working towards one, no matter how elusive those answers appeared. Crazy to look back now because it feels like things haven’t even reached their boiling point. Being surrounded by like minded individuals, people who used their voices, people who held others- more so each other accountable for their actions, people who chose to not normalize day to day discrepancies we’ve been conditioned to dismiss inspired those songs. Through My Eyes and Light to the Shadow I think express that most literally. “Using my voice to echo those who are ignored, striking down each inconsistency with force” was the first thing I really wrote and it kind of served as a foundation for what I wanted ROC to be about. Face Value and Status Seeker both had a similar underlying message to Perspective in the way that those three songs were a response to people I’ve interacted with who time after time chose to go down a path in their lives that does nothing but hurt both themselves and others. I think it’s a theme that spills over a bit into Place of My Dreams. PoMD is gonna pick up right where the demo left off.

And when you say harsh realities, what stuck out to you most? I can only imagine what Florida was like before-during-after the election. What’re the steps we need to take now?

The Trump era just surfaced and enabled a lot of dormant and internalized hate. This is someone who capitalizes on racial and economic fears while undermining and refusing to comprehend the power of the people. This is a man who has been in office through multiple mass shooting events and still hasn’t said a single direct word to address it, let alone a logical action to take. Everything under the Trump umbrella is just all out of whack. I’ve come to learn the truth is your ally while getting through it. Hold on to your truth and fight for it. Reach out to advocacy groups in your community, protest, and continuously refuse the normalization of the Trump agenda.

Talk about the Teeny Tiny Records comp song you guys just released. What was once out of your reach?

By the time Shayne hit us up about including us on the comp we were already working on the new songs. Strive was one of the first we wrote for PoMD. The song serves as a moment for self-reflection and alludes to growth within myself and the people around me. What once was out of reach was a broadened capacity for empathy, understanding, compassion, and rationality. I find myself constantly referring to these Up Front lyrics: “Imperfections common to all just broaden your scope and help to understand / Exposure of acceptance heals the wounds that narrow minds create.” Life is full of opportunities for growth. Make the choice to use those moments as an incentive for the application of learned lessons that furthermore encourages change.

Give us a clue about what the place from your dreams really is.

The place of my dreams is one created by those who inspire and encourage others to share, express, ask, and assess. It’s a product of people carrying the weight of their own reality and attaching action to their words for the sake of change within themselves and the outside world. It spills over into reality sometimes and makes for pivotal expressions.

What’s the future hold?

I’m not too sure to be honest with you! In terms of ROC, there will be a promo tape sooner than later followed by a 7” both on AP. We’ll be doing an east coast run this summer too! We’re all on different schedules with work and school so I’m really stoked with how everything is playing out. Other than that I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on! Hopefully more traveling and new experiences. Be sure to expect more great stuff coming out of Florida, NC, and ATL! Music aside, Siri will definitely be taking over sooner than later.