Overcoming fear

Once again I forgot to post yesterday. I really need to carve some dedicated time out to commit to this that isn’t at the very end of the day. But it’s tough. It feels like I avoid thinking about it until the very last minute and that I’m not confronting it early enough…

I was thinking on the train this morning that it’d be a lot more helpful if I actually used the time then to brainstorm some ideas — which I’ll test out over the next few days.

Anyway, today was a good day!

I confronted a fear by managing to turn it into excitement. It’s a fear that gets a lot of people: PUBLIC SPEAKING.

I welcomed 32 students to AltMBA as a coach.

Although it wasn’t exactly standing on a stage, it was a pretty big deal. People have payed for this course and I’m representing it. So it was important for me to do a good job. I had to facilitate and bring people along on the journey with me. It was important to build first impressions, for people to know me and to build trust…

And weirdly, I felt really comfortable. I managed to turn my nervous energy into excitement. I felt relaxed, confident, positive. It was awesome. I think I vibed off of the energy of the people in the room who were also feeling nervous and excited too.

I really want to do a good job on this. I want to help people bring out their best-selves. And that requires me to do the same by confronting the fear.