Who am I? Take 2

Following on from my last post I thought I’d spend this evening updating my biography. I’m a little happier with it now, but can you ever really be fully happy with something you’ve written about yourself?

Here it is:

Dan is a go-getter, story-teller, dream-setter and sustainability fella. He tells stories at RY (ry.com) where he seeks to mainstream sustainable thinking in big business. Following his own AltMBA experience he has sights set on even bigger horizons: He wants to tell stories that change the world. As an alumni of altMBA4, and a coach for altMBA5, Dan cares about caring, about learning and about expanding (minds over waists!).

It’s difficult to try cramming so much into such little space, but overall I’m happy with it. What do you reckon?

Glad I revisited!

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