10 Easy Ways To Get FREE Instagram Followers

Gone are the days when it was easy to get followers for Instagram and any other social media. All you needed to do is to open an account, post a few pictures, slap a few hashtags into the mix and then you are good to go. A few weeks later, you would have thousands of followers. On the brighter side, you are not the only one going through this dry spell of followers and likes. It is literally everyone.

This is because the game has changed. Instagram keeps on changing its algorithm an aspect that affects the number of people that can view your profile and also the Instagram users have also evolved. However, the following tips will enable you to wade through these murky waters to come out the other end victorious.

1. Create a Complete Profile

Good example of an Instagram Profile

Your Instagram feed acts as the first impression to the visitors that come to your page; a critical aspect that can make you or break you. Picture this; as you are browsing through the explore feed or your favourite hashtag, you come across a great looking Instagram photo. This photo gives you an impression that this person has got some great style, so you go ahead and click on their profile to see more of his/her content. However, you are disappointed to find that there are only a few other photos that are not particularly good. Moreover, there is no profile picture and the bio is just made up of emojis. Most definitely, you’ll click the back button to look up more interesting content.

2. Use ProjectInsta to get free followers

We tried ProjectInsta and this was the result!

Let’s face it, most methods to get free followers requires you to get them organically. The problem with these methods is that it takes a lot of hard work and time to achieve the desired results. However, by using applications and websites such as ProjectInsta, you will be able to eliminate hardwork and time from the equation of getting free Instagram followers. ProjectInsta enables you to safely get up to 80k quality real followers for free over a couple days or weeks. Having a huge following creates a ripple effect where more followers will keep on coming. Get your followers today by visiting: https://projectinsta.com/free-instagram-followers/

3. Offer outstanding value.

This is the single most important advice someone can ever give in terms of growing a social media account, including Instagram. People will follow you and like your content, if they can draw value from it, be it entertainment, information, connections, or even a discount. If you are outright boring, overly promotional or your content does not create any value, people are neither going to like your content nor follow you. Thus, when formulating your Instagram strategy, first think about what you can offer the people that might do business with me in the future.

4. Create an Eye-Catching Bio

Example of a good bio

The goal is to get the visitors to stick around instead of leaving your page. The Instagram bio a powerful feature to drive follows yet it is one of the most under-utilized features. To make a perfect bio that describes what you do and why they should follow you is quite a challenge. A better way to write the bio is to focus on your audience, by telling them how your profile will inspire them or help them. Including a call-to-action button will also go a long way to attract more follows.

5. Use the Instagram Stories to Introduce Your Brand

Instagram Stories Highlights is a new feature that highlights what you publish on the top of the window. It is the thing you see first when you log in to your account. As such, stories are the perfect tool to introduce yourself or brand to your potential followers by helping them discover what you are all about. What a trailer is to a movie, so is the Instagram stories to the Instagram profile. Moreover, you can make sales and get free Instagram followers just right off these highlights.

6. Create A Consistent and Curated and Instagram aesthetic

Instagram plan

You need to take time to plan what you publish on your Instagram page so that you can have a consistent Instagram feed. For people to be able to understand and relate with your brand, you have to be consistent in terms of publishing on regular basis and also what you publish. This way, they will know what to expect and thus you will effectively convert the casual visitors into engaged and devoted followers.

7. Promote your Instagram on Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a powerful tool to drive traffic to websites and your Instagram as well. Some Facebook groups have hundreds of thousands of members. By publishing a follow link on these groups, you are setting yourself up to the potential to instantly grow your Instagram following. Moreover, because most of the groups are niche based, they are perfect for targeting the right audience

8. Promote your Instagram on any other marketing touchpoints

Facebook groups are not the only effective platforms to generate followers for your Instagram page. For you to get followers for Instagram pretty fast, you need to publish your links pretty everywhere; online and offline. This can include something as simple as creating an email signature that includes a link to your profile. Other great places to publish your Instagram page include, other social media accounts, and your website if you have one.

9. Use the right Hashtags


Over the past year, Instagram has been on the lookout of hashtag spamming; i.e. if you are using over 30 hashtags repeatedly on your post. However, hashtags can still help you get more views for your content and consequently free followers. However, you need to think of hashtags as categories. As such, you need to use hashtags that highlight your brand, its purpose, and the target market.

10. Engage with your Target Audience

It does not take a genius to discover that engaging with people who might be interested in you, or your brand is likely to make them notice you and possibly follow you. Such engagement strategies include commenting and liking their content and also responding promptly to keep the conversation going.